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American Seniors suffer obesity at a large scale, but what’s the REAL reason?


Gone are the days where kids played hard and broke a sweat. Now almost all kids are glued to the television sets, cellular phones, and e-games, a meager visit population the ground and play a real sport. As a result, obesity has become a global phenomenon largely victimising kids between the age 12 to 15. The obese rate in the USA is alarming with every 1 out of 3 children becoming a victim of it. According to recent reports, almost 21% of the cost expended on health care is due to childhood obesity.

Causes of obesity:

  • Parenting styles in European countries have changed a lot. Parents never have an eye on what the children eat. Too much of pampering and liberty only led to the decline in health of their children
  • Consumption of high-calorie food, beverages, and sugar products
  • Poor physical activity
  • The word healthy is replaced by the word tasty where all these problems begin.
  • Problems relating to obesity can also be a result of their parental genes. If the child is a family where most people suffer from overweight problems, the child, in its blood can carry the same issue.
  • The environment around is very tempting, with a lot of unhealthy snack items stacked in stalls around children will naturally develop a liking for unhealthy snacks. Every street has a snack bar that sells mouth-watering candy bars and pizzas. No wonder why children hate low- calorie yogurt, veggies, and granola bars.
  • The worst of all is poor sleeping habits. The millennium children neither get to bed on time nor see the beautiful morning sunshine. Lack of sleep and stay up during late hours can cause obesity.

Consequences of obesity:

  • Suffering from obesity at a very young age can cause problems like
  • blood pressure levels increase
  • Cholesterol levels can shoot up causing cardiovascular diseases
  • Children can have asthma and other problems affecting the respiratory system
  • Due to excessive weight children might develop joint problems at a very young age and skeletal discomfort.
  • It can also develop psychological problems like depression and inferior complexion
  • They may also become victims of bullying and stigma

Fighting Obesity:

Obesity issues do not have a proper line of treatment. But it can very well be prevented by following certain simple rules. Go to bed on time and get a proper sleep for at least seven hours. If you are not a good at sports, involve yourself in some proper routine workout. There are a lot of simple exercises that will greatly help you manage your weight issues. Etch out a good diet pattern, and remember dieting and starving are two different things.

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