7 Gift Ideas for Someone in Hospital

It’s never nice being in hospital, and a gift will always cheer up someone who is feeling unwell. Chocolates and flowers are very common gifts, but sometimes it’s nice to look for something a bit more unique and special. Here, we have seven great gift ideas for someone in hospital, no matter what they are in for.

  1. If someone is facing a long stay in hospital, some new comfortable pyjamas is a great gift. You could even make a bundle and include a dressing gown and some slippers too, and an eye mask is great to help have a better night’s sleep.
  2. A gift box containing a range of goodies is also a wonderful idea for someone who is unwell in hospital. You can tailor this to suit their likes and personality, and include just about anything you can think of. There are also companies which make up gift boxes for people in hospital, including cancer patients and new mums.
  3. If buying for a Muslim woman, you might like to choose a new headscarf or other Islamic gift. You can find hijabs for sale at special stores or online, and this is sure to make a woman feel stylish even when in the hospital.
  4. If the patient isn’t sleeping most of the time, they might enjoy something to keep their mind active. Something like a colouring book (with a nice set of pencils) or a quiz book is a great idea, or you could ask them if there are any books they would like to read.
  5. A nice pillow or blanket is another great gift idea for those who will be spending a fair amount of time in hospital. Hospital linen is known for being not the most comfortable, so a nice soft blanket or comfy pillow is certain to be well-received.
  6. Some beauty products are a great gift for those in hospital – both men and women. Some moisturiser is a great idea, because the air in hospitals can be very dry. You could also try some nice hand-wash, as the ones provided in hospitals can often lead to the skin on the hands becoming dry.
  7. A home-cooked meal can be one of the most thoughtful gifts for someone in hospital, where the meals are known to be of mediocre quality at best. Something which travels well and can easily be reheated is best.
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3 most useful health and wellbeing apps

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be using latest technology to improve your health. There are so many apps out there to help you manage your healthy meal choices, fitness and even motivate you to achieve the best results in life. Here are the 3 best apps to get your health back on track.  

  • Train for that Zombie Apocalypse! This app called “Zombies, Run!” gives you the best reason to go for a jog – zombies are attacking. Running is so much fun when you have to complete missions, collect loot for your camp and keep others safe from the apocalypse. This game became one of the top downloaded health and fitness apps just in two weeks of its release on iTunes.
  • The healthy mind app – Headspace. This app is just a must for the modern person. It is a guided mediation app made easy. You will experience a user-friendly interface with simple clear animations and quite cute videos. I use this so much when I need to relax and unwind before bed or just any time of the day. Select how long you want your meditation to be and what is the theme (I.e. relationships, sleep, relaxation etc.).meditating woman on a yoga mat
  • The only drawback is it is not free. 10-day guided meditation is available as a trial and if you want to access more you need to subscribe and make a purchase.
  • Cronometer tracks your vitamins, carbs, fats, proteins, amino acids, exercise and many more things related to your health. It is the ideal app to track your nutrition. What you need to do is add the foods you eat and amounts too. It will very accurately calculate all the nutrients that you are putting in your body. There is a possibility to track your fitness with entering the exercises you have done that day and it will estimate burnt calories.
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